Our Services

Our team has extensive expertise in government relations, strategic communications and public relations. Managing public affairs issues holds no secret for us. Our experienced and knowledgeable experts are ready to help you tackle your challenges and find solutions. We offer a proactive approach that focuses on achieving concrete results.

Your priorities are our priorities


Government Relations

Interacting with government officials and decisionmakers has evolved over the years. Today, government relations approaches must be grounded in solid reasoning, due diligence, and documentation. It is no longer enough to know who to talk to. Our experts will work with you to move your issues forward transparently and effectively in the government.


Press Relations

We build and maintain lasting relationships with journalists and media personalities based on openness and integrity. Our approach to media relations combines strategy and creativity.


Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations

Positioning your company or organization within a complex ecosystem can seem challenging at first. You need to know how to be relevant and constructive to rally and influence the direction of a sector or industry. Our team knows how to implement plans to set you apart, unite your allies and inform decisionmakers.


Corporate Communications

Managing a company or organization's brand and reputation requires regular attention. Our ability to understand your issues and/or concerns allows us to propose innovative ideas with which to build and maintain your goodwill and credibility with your stakeholders.


Social Acceptability

Social acceptability comes with a company's strategic social responsibility efforts. The team at Ryan is experienced and skilled in developing and implementing successful strategies to increase the likelihood of a project’s social acceptability. The mindset in which companies or organizations undertake their social acceptability efforts is important and will impact the success or failure of a project. Our experts know how to raise awareness, mobilize, and obtain the commitment of stakeholders to allow the achievement of all types of projects.


Research and Focus Groups

Documenting your issues is the key to a good strategy. We often begin our work with an analysis of the political context and the government’s priorities and direction. We also conduct perception audits (through focus groups?) with your target audience on specific issues or regarding your reputation.


Crisis Management

We help you develop best practices in crisis management. Our professionals understand that developing and executing a proactive plan around a company or organization’s vision and mission is significant to building a good reputation and to minimizing crises. If a crisis has already erupted, the team at Ryan acts swiftly and strategically to ensure minimal reputational harm. The process is often a delicate balance that requires cutting-edge expertise.


Relations with Indigenous Communities

First Nations wish to participate in the development of their territory for the benefit of their members and future generations. Their role is essential to the growth and prosperity of the province of Quebec as a whole. We work with several Indigenous communities, which gives us a thorough understanding of the realities and issues they face. It is essential that any company or organization wishing to develop a project on a recognized or claimed territory is conscious of the impact on these communities. Specifically, it is crucial to develop a solid bond of trust to allow for the accomplishment of any major project.